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When Clubs get their comms and engagement right; their subscribers will feel: valued, engaged, satisfied and optimistic about the future. We do it better, enjoy the benefits of a fully functional App with FREE Club back office and an instant rebate on subscriptions.
Best Horse Mobile App is an industry specific container App for every discerning Horse Club.

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Established in 2019 PetComm is a New Zealand based family business. A team of five, we have combined our experience of business, sales & marketing, community development and equestrian pursuits for the express purpose of gaining a solid reputation as a provider to and supporter of equestrian interest groups. Our corporate philosophies are closely aligned with community development processes and these are driven by strong social responsibility ethics. Service and support are fundamental to all that we do. You can expect a high level of customer satisfaction in all your dealings with us.

Developing an App that will provide an affordable industry specific communications platform is the driving ambition of PetComm. In these modern digital days, it has become more important than ever for organisations to have a range of digital tools that support their communications and operations. It is our privilege to bring to horse clubs and organisations another tool to assist with your subscriber communications. We pledge to continue to upgrade and service the App while continually seeking opportunities to add value to your industry. In association with the award-winning App development company, Elegant Media, we are proud to bring you this Mobile Container App and its associated benefits.

The App is now available for download from both Google Play and iStore.

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Benefits of partnering with PetComm

All Club entities will automatically receive a free web-based administration tool (back office), IT support and upgrades. Participating Clubs are invited to engage in a fundraising partnership with PetComm. This partnership will return to Clubs an annual 10% rebate for all paid subscriber subscriptions to the App. This along with the free admin tools, IT support, and usual upgrades will assist Clubs to save money and raise funds effortlessly. We also welcome applications from Clubs for sponsorship funding.

At PetComm we encourage Club Admins to share with us any other desirable functions that would enhance the App's usability. We promise to listen empathetically, discuss and where agreement is reached on an upgrade, endeavour to meet your needs in a timely manner at no cost to Clubs wherever possible. Container Apps such as Best Horse free users from the algorithms of social networks. Clubs and subscribers can easily maintain regular and timely communications in an interactive way without any intrusion from the choices made for users by other internet communications platforms.

The advertising feature is also managed by our company and will only be available to advertisers whose markets include equestrian products and services. PetComm takes your privacy and data protection seriously. As a cloud-based company entrusted with our customer’s most valuable data, we have set high security standards.

Please read our Terms and Conditions which include our Privacy Policy.

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